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The Blue Light 2

They stole everything from me. I was powerless. I had been in transit for too long. I was tired. I did not fight anymore. I was too weak. I just remember praying to God to help me. 
Then, they stabbed me.
I think that is all I can recall for now.

To be continued...

The Blue Light

After about 13 milliseconds, he cringed and felt a throbbing pain in the back of his head, then he gasped for breath, and then his vision went blank. He passed out.
Three days after, Mr Peter Grespo found himself in the hospital. He opened his eyes and it was blurry. He tried to focus. It was too bright. The smell of the sterile room was of disinfectant products. He glanced at the wall clock, it was three o' clock in the afternoon. 
Peter did not know what happened. He had forgotten everything.
Well, almost. 
The only thing he could remember was there was an accident.
Then, the door opened. A nurse came in and cheerfully greeted him, "Hello, Mr. Grespo!" 
He asked, "What happened to me?" "Miss Harriet," he added as he read her nameplate.
"Someone found you unconscious on the ground, you were stabbed seven times, you lost a lot of blood. We cannot fathom why you survived, really, I guess you are lucky!" she uttered seriously.
Then, he told her, "…

Last Blog Entry: "I did not want her to die..."

I wrote to my father about my childhood trauma.
After my father had read the letter, the only thing he asked me was, "did Mommy know?"
I said, slowly, with a somber voice, "I did not."
My father did not ask, "why?"
If he did I would have said, "well, Pa, with her heart condition, I knew that it would have broken her heart and I did not want her to die." She died when I was 19 of a heart attack. I had written the letter after she passed away. Half of me died when she died. 
Then, in 2010 my father died. The rest of me died.
Other people could and can be busy with their own lives. Do not blame anyone. Forgive. 
I see you. I hear you, more so, I listen. I speak to you. And, I feel your pain.
Now, I am here still because of Someone.
That would be God. 
I am a living miracle and a testimony to God's Great Love.
I hope you never lose faith and hope in God. Because I have to admit a few times I lose my faith in myself too.
Always be good and think. Those are w…

Ascension Presents | The Role of Hope in Holy Week

Ascension Press and Ascension Presents in collaboration with Inspires give you this riveting magnum opus.‎..

Condensed Reflection by James Z. Carpio

The Perfection of God. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent.
On the other hand, we humans are imperfect. We can be weak.
However, in God we can be strong.
We do need God.
And, we can rely on Jesus. He can be our Best Friend if we choose to with our hearts. Thus, we should like to hope in Him and, surely, we have a bright future ahead of us.

Ascension Presents | Don't Have Any Friends?

Ascension Press and Ascension Presents in collaboration with Inspires give you this riveting magnum opus.‎..

Condensed Reflection by James Z. Carpio

Thank goodness I have great friendships. Friends that I had chosen and I'd invested time and given space to and for that I am grateful to the Lord.
Where does one find virtuous friends?
If you play a particular sport then you will find and develop friendships there.
Your church organizations are another good source of new friendships.
Friends of your family members are also good possible friends to have for yourself.
Lastly, you may want to attend reunions and reconnect with old friends.
God Bless!

How I survived childhood trauma

I was that young when it happened to me. I have not met anyone like me in my entire life. Most of them did not survive.
At least I did. I do not know why.
Forgetting about it is next to impossible. It's like it happened a millisecond ago.
Now, I openly talk about it.
I guess I had already truly forgiven and had gotten over it.
It took 37 long years. Whew!
The universe helped.
You helped me.
You know who you are.
And, of course, Lord Jesus and Mother Mary.
Now, as I write the last lines of that chapter in my life.
I want to tell you that there is a God. He is in charge. Look at me.
I am having the time of my life.
You will heal in your own special time.
I am a living testimony to that. Having a bizarre sense of humor and a happy disposition in life are my shield and armor. The words of God-- my courage and my refuge.


photo credit: simpleinsomnia Little boy plays with a cast iron toy bus via photopin(license) License: (license)

Ascension Presents | Do Catholics Have to Respect Everyone?

Ascension Press and Ascension Presents in collaboration with Inspires give you this riveting magnum opus.‎..

Condensed Reflection by James Z. Carpio

I should like to focus on the third level of respect. The one which is earned. The one which can be lost. And ultimately, the one that can be regained. 
That one is character-based.
As a writer, I always keep in mind the reader.
I have not been writing for my columns for months now. And, every time I meet a reader in person I am reminded to write again.
What is my legitimate excuse? Well, I have been given another career opportunity in a different industry but still in the artistic field.
All I can say is, a servant cannot serve two masters at the same time.
I had been given two choices, one or the other or both. I chose both.
When the sea is more calm I would be able to make a comeback, officially, as a Columnist.
Blogging is easy, however, writing a column is a whole lot different kind of a ballgame.
Rest assured, a writer will always be a writer. 

Total Smile Center: Dr. Wenny Olivan-Villegas

I, personally, would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Olivan-Villegas, for the wonderful dental health services I have been given since a long time ago now. Her effervescent and gregarious character add smiles and laughter to each visit to her clinic.
She ensures that every check-up and prophylaxis dental cleanings are impeccable and each dental operation is safe, and of the highest level of excellence.
Thank you very much!

*Address information may change as they transfer to a new location. Please call their landline for further details or to set an appointment.

Charlie's Son

Charlie woke up at 4:00 a.m. and then, he quickly went to the mailbox. It was the sixth of February, 1957 and it was cold. He wore a thick jacket and snow boots. He got twenty letters. 
One envelope stood out, it seemed like it was written by a child. Charlie, unmarried and who enlisted in the army, became curious and then, he opened that envelope first.
He began to read the letter.

Dear Dad,
Hey Dad! I am your son from the future. My name is Stephen. Someone told me that I have to write you this letter.
I have to write you this letter because if I don't then I shall never would had been born. I will never happen.
You came home drunk last night. You knocked and I was the only one awake. I am still little so I pushed a chair towards the main door so that I could reach the doorknob.
You were so surprised.
Well, I have to write you that I needed to be born because I was born to write they said.
Now, I had also read the letter you wrote to all of us, your children, and I am grateful.
Thank you,…

Ascension Presents | Why We Need Boundaries

Ascension Press and Ascension Presents in collaboration with Inspires give you this riveting magnum opus.‎..

Condensed Reflection by James Z. Carpio

I became an irate customer at Starbucks Naga City. I, formally, filed a complaint with the Police about it but I am just dropping the case.
I do care but I am establishing a boundary by never ever going to Stabucks Naga City anymore for the rest of my life. That is for my peace of mind and their peace of mind.
Thank you, Father Mike.

A Story of a Love to Remember

My name is James. Everyone calls me by that name. 
My Papa called me Jim and my Mama called me Jimbo. One brother of mine calls me Semaj. 
Wait, let me tell you about one brother who calls me by myriad names. He calls me Hermenegi. Hermenehoho. You get the drift, right? My I.D. actually says the first one because it would not fit on the card.
Let me ask you this. What's in a name?
It's just a name.
For the deaf it doesn't matter at all.
For the mute they would not be able to voice out my name.
Anyway, there are millions of Jameses in the world.
Each of us are special. From research the chances of us being born is one in a Trillion. 
I was not meant to be born. The plan was just to have a dozen children. That's it. Nothing more and nothing less.
But, since God perhaps thought that my father and my mother did a pretty great job of raising 12 children they were blessed by a bonus.
That would be little old me.
As the story goes my mother was advised by the doctor not to have any m…

The Blue House

You're lucky Peter! It was difficult for me. I saw hell. It was pungent there. And the devils really get to your bones and not just crawl on your skin. But, I'm glad you shared your story. It made me see the other side. The better place.
Norma Betty, I tell you it was Him that I saw, God Almighty. He is Pure Light. And, I want to see Him again. One day.

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Guest Post | Atty. Juan Luis Z. Carpio - EPIPHANY

(by jlzc, January 6, 2019)
In this Feast of Epiphany, Homage to the Blessed Baby. To follow the star of fixed bars, Or could we rewrite our own stars?
This journey of recovery, Prayer and patience, aplenty! Along the shore of gentle waves, Soothing what the soul deeply craves.
In search of what’s precious and true, Where do we go? What must we do? Greater than darkness is God’s light! More than our weakness, is His might!
Gold for the youth, for our children! I’ll dream again, I live again!

Fears: The red car named Doctor

George Bricklodge saw a red car parked on the side of the road. It was parked right in front of the house he used to live in. He had flashbacks.

When he was a young boy he was accidentally hit by a car. His mother prayed that he would wake up and still recognize her.

He did wake up. He woke up looking at an aquarium filled with fishes.

During his childhood he became uncomfortable with any kind of vehicle. He had carsickness. He always brought with him a passenger discomfort bag.

Growing up, he had a fear of crossing streets.

Then, it stopped.

He saw the red car and examined it. It was a doctor's car. 

That fear and other fears went away against all the odds.

He felt safe.

Mr. Bricklodge died at a young age also without fear of death.

His cousin asked, "How did he die?"

His uncle told her, "He got hit by a bus while doing his morning exercise. He lost balance while walking on the uneven sidewalk. He fell on the road and the driver didn't see him. The lamppost was out of ord…

Andrew's Brother

I remember you asking for your photo taken to make her happy. I remember you giving me the things you owned. I remember all the other things.
Well, I guess now you know.
And, now that you know you understand me a lot better.
But, let's forget about those.
I followed everything you said. Every detail.
Now, all I have to do is wait.

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