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Terminated from Bicol Mail

At first I was given the cold shoulder.

Then, implicitly, I was fired from Bicol Mail.

I felt numb and cold.

Thank you.

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Ascension Presents | What Is Hope and Why Do You Need It?

Ascension Press and Ascension Presents in collaboration with Inspires give you this riveting magnum opus.‎..

Condensed Reflection by James Z. Carpio
Upon release, an innocent man imprisoned for several years, was asked, "what kept you going and how did you deal with that grave injustice?"
'Well, my family would visit me often. They would bring me food.
As he cleared his throat, he paused and looked down. Then, tears welled up in his eyes and he said, you know what? I would pray to God a lot, hoping for a miracle.
There is a small window in the cell. And, whenever I would feel frustrated and devastated, I would look out that window. 
I would see the sky. Sometimes it would be clear blue skies, cloudy, or rainy. And it gave me hope. Because I knew God is there watching over me... and I have complete faith and trust in Him.'

Nine Problems with being Multilingual

There are at least five languages that I know; I speak Tagalog, Bikol, Filipino, English, and Spanish. Not to mention, Taglish and Spanglish.
1. Unknowingly, you commit grammatical mistakes
In English, white house is spoken and written as that. In Spanish, you say it as casa blanca, if you would say that in English it would be house white.
2. You could only really write in the language that you know best
One piece I wrote in Filipino, I inadvertently spelled baliktad as baligtad.
3. Shifting from one language to another while speaking has a delay lapse of proper accent
This is the funniest because people who do not know you think that you really come from another country.
4. The two lesser and least languages you know are just conversational or really basic
When I speak in Bikol it is just enough to get by. When I hear deep Bikol words then I become lost in translation.
5. People sometimes are confused why you are multilingual
My father and mother spoke to us in English and Tagalog. My siblings…

So, You want to be a Writer: Dictionary not needed (General Audience)

"You will not be able to support a family as a writer... " Those words are like graffiti in my state of mind until this moment. After the interview, those words are what resonated in the depths of my being. The Editor was being frank. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. My dreams went down the drain into the abyss, and probably, even to middle Earth, or right at the core. Metaphorically, I was shot and it hit me right on target. Pardon me, for the hyperbolic statements. I died that day.
Do not write for the money. Period.
Well, at first, that should be your attitude.
However, I have never been a quitter. And, I wrote my article for that newspaper firm and it was published. I had been paid, subsequently, I became a professional writer.
You have to read, read, and read. Observe people. Study them. See nature. Explore. Okay, that is called rambling. Do not do that. You could best put it simply as: live your own life and write about it.
Well, you have to go to settings and go to widt…

We are Filipinos...

Filipino is a nationality. Nationality is defined as the status of belonging to a particular nation. Another term for it is citizenship. 
They are Filipinos and I am Filipino.
When people were nomads there were no such things as nations. One would not even need a passport. 
All were humans and lived in one world. Without boundaries and borders. Without walls and fences.
The only thing that separated us were the waters: gulfs, channels, seas or oceans.
Let me float this idea to you...
Could you imagine God's tears flowing down His cheeks as His children became divided instead of united?

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The Shining Other Side of the Coin: The Filipinos who Care!

Now we come to the best part.
I always like to save the best for last.
It is a given: anywhere you go whichever part of the world, there is good and bad in everyone. 
The two sides of a centavo. Hence, fair and balanced.
These are all about the best in The Philippines.
The places and the people. The tropical paradise and the have and have nots who give until it hurts.
I remember our kind old lady neighbor who would knock on our door and give us fresh vegetables just because, no occasion, for the only apparent reason that she cared.
I remember the driver of a spiffy sporty SUV who let me be first to go to the right side of the road while I was getting to that side while handling my bicycle.
I remember the street children who took the packaging remains of a fast food meal (i.e. carton, plastic bag, utensils, etc.) I had. Prior to that, I called to their attention because they saw me having that snack while waiting for my brother. Then, I gave them a bit of bills just enough so that they could a…

The Promise

You made it...
I know... right?
Was it three years ago? He added.
She nodded. Yes. I believe it was. She replied.
It was my promise. A goal. Purpose. Whatever the world may call it.
Faith, Hope, and Love. Those three virtues lift me up.
You told me. I remember, to ask for it, because you said it would be given to me, and, you said the reason is: I always never ask. You knew me since I was a young boy. And you gave me a gift, and it turned into gold.
Come. Let's go. Mama already prepared a feast.

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Matthew 10:14: If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.

Those are THE Master's instructions.
However, for an extremely patient man. You are the luckiest.
But, where do you draw the line?
Where do your rights end and my own rights begin?
When is enough is enough?
Mediocrity. Sloppy Service.
For a patient customer, you could get away with it,
But, what about those who cannot speak for themselves.
So, I will write about customers like the poor widow who gave her most treasured coins.
Probably, her hard earned money. But she gave it wholeheartedly to God.
For the poor who cannot afford your place or products.
I already left and shook the dust off my feet.

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Seeing an Oncologist and Embracing the dying of the Light

Everything he told me has happened already. All his instructions, I followed to the letter, I dotted the i's and crossed the t's.

Someone noticed already. It has been there all these times. And, the day has finally come.
The day of reckoning.
No big deal.
Just an appointment with an Oncologist.
I do not want surgery.
Nor Chemotherapy.
That is why I had been walking. Somehow time slows down when my footprints are blown away by the wind.
The reality of the inevitable. Being mindful of now, of the present. I enjoyed each and every single one of them.
I am one joyful writer. Or typist. Or the one who writes. With a pen or a keyboard. 
It sure is a wonderful life. I hope you have been inspired.
Beneath the armor, is just an old soul. A merry old soul.
If there are more things left to write...
I would be honored to do so,
The torch has been passed. And one day you will read the literary works of the new writer for Inspires.
Metaphorically, I am just going to embrace the dying of the Light.
Keep wal…

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To you, our clergy, we ask you to be what you vowed to be --- a minister of Love. A shepherd who must serve God's sheep. And we, the laity, are that sheep. We have lost faith in many of you. And we must ask that you practise what you preach. For, if you don't, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU!
-Papa and Mama


To you, our public officials, we ask you to be what you are --- a civil servant, a servant of the people, building a public trust. We have lost our patience with many of you. And if you still persist in doing bad. WE'LL HANG YOU!
-Papa and Mama


To you, our teachers, we ask you to teach our children well. And to teach them what is right and good. And we shall keep you and give you what is just and due. But, if you don't WE WILL FIRE YOU!
-Papa and Mama

Even a Rockefeller would not buy it!

An awarded professor with a PhD told me that story. You have to Google it and digest it.
I had a conversation with an affluent person and was offered something to buy with a bit of discount for sales pitch bait. That person could buy it but did not.
Same with me, my attitude is simplicity is best. Less is more.

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