Guest Post | Atty. Juan Luis Z. Carpio - AB CUP

Passion inflames!
Heart is renewed.
The beat beckons.
Football resumed!

Guest Post | Atty. Juan Luis Z. Carpio - Glimpses... Of Heaven

(By jlzc, November 10, 2018)

“Sunrise, sunset... Sunrise, sunset... Swiftly, flow the years. One season following another, laden with happiness and tears.” i Just barely a month from the time of dear Nerisa’s passing away, All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day, then your time on Nov. 4, a Sunday.
Mama-Lola Nena, who, like a child spritely revels in her zest for life, Refused to go with Nerisa when fetched, terminal illness in spite! She wants to live on for her dear Rani and Redelsa and her grandchildren. Being with them in growth and travel; Ah, she considers simply HEAVEN!
For Migara, it is overcoming our weaknesses towards immortality. For AB, Kuya Migara’s rare hug and smile is already so heavenly! For Mommy, amidst pain and suffering Lola’s sweet smile in peace. For Papa, winning cases for the oppressed crying out for justice!
In this valley of tears, all these joys are but heavenly glimpses. But for Mama-Lola, Heaven now, is full communion with Jesus!
Epilogue: For love of life despite her agony, Mam…

My Biggest Regret

When my mother asked me if I wanted to go to the San Jose Seminary, I hesitated, I wanted to, but, I was too shy. Little did I know that she will be gone in a couple of years. Now, I know that she only wanted my best interest and the vocation of the priesthood would have made me secured for life.
In the past ten years, I thought and entertained the idea of becoming a priest but I knew that my intellectual abilities would not be able to digest Theology anymore.
I would had been the third priest among the eleven Carpio brothers.
That is my biggest regret in my life.

photo credit: paval hadzinski Peregrination of relics of St. Jan Boska | 7 via photopin(license) License: (license)

Guest Post | Atty. Juan Luis Z. Carpio - Spirits...

(By jlzc, November 1, 2018)

This All Saints Day, I wondered: Where do the spirits go?
Gave me the goose bumps as I stood where waters flow.
Many childhood stories grim and happy we came to know. Legend, fiction, or reality, different scenarios would show.
To the light, full of hope, or to the darkness and gloom!
To churches, cemeteries, ships, hi-ways, houses or a room.
To unexplored places where the mysterious abound and loom. To salvation and eternal happiness or suffering and doom.
Circumstances of death may be in agony or in peace.
Or crimes and extra-judicial killings crying out for justice!
Where ever near or far our feet excitedly take us to roam, Restless souls, our hearts always long to go back home!

Reunited in glory with the Groom, in communion with Saints! A heavenly banquet, my mind in a picture, rejoicingly paints!

photo credit: translator, artist, Renaissance scholar Double Judgment via photopin(license) License: (license)

Guest Post | Atty. Juan Luis Z. Carpio - NERISA

(By jlzc, October 21, 2018)
From the banks of the mystic river of Marikina,
Springs out a bubbly soul by the name of Nerisa. The zest of life resplendent in your lovely face, Your presence fills us with much charm and grace.

Why such gentle soul could suffer in such a way,
Befuddles me as I contemplate life, day unto day. My suffering pales in comparison with yours, If it could compare at all. By will or on course.

One of the kindest hearts I’ve known, always in glee.
Despite conventions and restrictions your spirit free! This Red October, my heart renewed. I live on. Sad October, your lungs collapsed. You have gone.

Is it fate? Is it choice? Or is it a Higher Will?
Much had passed. Much to say. A Mystery still...

Guest Post | Atty. Juan Luis Z. Carpio - The Opportune Time

(By jlzc, October 22, 2018)

October 22, 2018, now you are Thirteen. My little girl is little no more as clearly seen.
Those eyes long seeking to be independent
Have taken in much and become resplendent.

You had your wishes, Mommy had to go to Manila
To attend to the ailing me, your lola and your tita. How it went for you, at first: a happy Peace and Quiet! Then absence prolonged as we could not go home yet.
You missed Mommy, you considered the light of the home! During operation you felt the anxiety of being left so alone. The comfort of your kuya Migara and another present tita, Carried you through as you focused on school work at Jagna.
As parents, we strive as much to always be by your side. But the opportune times come that we must stand aside.

License: (license) photo credit: beamillion Happy birthday via photopin(license)

Ascension Presents | Faith is Not Something You Can Lose

Ascension Press and Ascension Presents in collaboration with Inspires give you this riveting magnum opus.‎..

Condensed Reflection by James Z. Carpio

Never give up.
Never lose hope.
Do not lose faith.
We almost always hear the statement that I have lost faith in humanity. Well, human beings are imperfect, hence, it is understandable that we could lose faith in humanity.
Personally, when I had read the book of Saint John Paul II, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, it all made sense to me. Hope is where it all begins. During Advent it is the main theme of the season. People were waiting for The Messiah. When Baby Jesus was born, it became the fulfillment of God's Promise. I believe even though I was not there. Like Thomas, I would falter a bit and doubt. But, I never lost faith in God. Like everyone else I had experienced the effects of the evil that exists on Earth. 
Through prayer and my own relationship with God, He strengthens me. I have faith. Faith in God. When even in my darkest hours, I k…

Guest Post | Atty. Juan Luis Z. Carpio - Paradoxical

(By jlzc, October 18, 2018)

October 1, 2018, during the triple bypass procedure, I felt nothing as I was sedated, no room for any seizure. Thank goodness that this time, it was UNEVENTFUL. But it is in the aftermath, that all else became painful!

Well-wishes and prayers for a FAST and SPEEDY recovery! How could it be when I was told to take it SLOW and EASY? Don’t baby the agony and the pain; rise up and move around! With the bills, my heart beat out of rhythm in raucous pound.

Despite much restrictions, infinite possibiities still abound! I cannot travel yet to Bicol or Bohol, hence, literally aground. But I can reach for the stars while in hospital and refuge confines! A Spyrometer a star can do 3000, I also aimed; persistence refines.

“In weakness, Power reaches Perfection!” is rather paradoxical. Give ALL til nothing left, in order to follow Him, IS Providential!

photo credit: Katrinitsa Into the woods through the light path via photopin(license) License: (license)

Guest Post | Atty. Juan Luis Z. Carpio - Our Father

(By jlzc October 16, 2018)

One time, in Jagna, reality concerns, much a bother,
You asked me, dear AB, "Papa, Isn't God, Our Father?"
"Yes, anak." I heavily sighed. "Then we are rich!"
"We own everything!" You exclaimed with a high pitch.

"But we should share..." you concluded with reflective concern.
Events unfolded and with the ominous heart bypass about a turn,
Finances asked to the last drop, leaving us with virtually nothing.
But then again, "Isn't God, Our Father?" means just everything!?"

Family and friends poured out concern, contributions and prayer.
Responding to the vocation, "we are our brothers' and sisters' keeper.
The burden became lighter and bearable when in love it was shared.
The mystery of God's Providence and Salvation generously bared.

Ah, in pain and suffering this sinful Juan finds it so touching and humbling.
God, IS Our Father! Juan's renewed heart is moved to tears in Thank…

Guest Post | Atty. Juan Luis Z. Carpio - The Pained Prayer

(October 7, 2018)

September Twenty Nine, On the Feast of the Archangels,
I was brought to St. Luke’s QC by their brother’s keepers.
In preparation on October 1 for a double bypass procedure,
The Feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, the Little Flower.

I cannot help but surmise, what grace it is on that day to rest in Peace
And to be interred on the Feast of the Rosary would be heavenly bliss!
Considering a life with a severe cervical spine injury in constant pain
Giving my utmost, though rendered frail and weak, and future uncertain.

Faced with the ominous, who am I to contest, a mere troubled and sinful Juan?
The Cup shall remain for not so much as my will but Yours, O, God be done!
With the prayers of the many little flowers of family and friends in Love as One,
You sent Your Archangel Raphael in the healing hands of my surgeon Dr. Stan.

Ah, in my pain and suffering, it is best indeed to call on the Paraclete!
Utter in faith and prayer “Father, into Your Hands, I commend My Spirit!"


Hypothetical Wishes

I wish I were deaf sometimes so that I would not have wounds by hurtful words.
But, then again, I would not hear the melodious tides of the ocean and the sea.
I wish I were mute oftentimes so that I would not hurt people by unkind words.
But, then again, I would not be able to speak for other people who are timid.
I wish I were blind a few times so that I would not see atrocities of the world.
But, then again, I would not be a witness to the grandeur of God's creation.
I wish almost always that I had not become a writer because it's difficult.
But, then again, I would not have been able to have written these words...

photo credit: sean dreilinger cameron and his officemate - _MG_1537 via photopin(license) License: (license)

Let us analyze your mind, shall we?

First, you should have seen the two movies Groundhog Day and The Truman Show.
If not, then skip this one because you will take everything out of context.
The whole city is overly saturated by security cameras. Almost every nook and cranny of public places have them.
Including the major road blueprint.
People have smart phones.
The Police Force has its own Intelligence Unit..
There are organizations and groups as well i.e. altruistic ones and sinister ones.
Let us now watch ESPN.
In the final analysis, let us play the song with the thunderous line in our mind... "God is watching us from a distance", at least every hour, so that it would be indelibly marked in our brains.
Easy right?

photo credit: Free For Commercial Use (FFC) Mind via photopin(license) License: (license)

Being the Other Brother among 11 Brothers

Back in the day, my younger brother's core of friends were the 90210 bunch of their batch.
I did not meddle with his life at all. I mean as long as he still has ten fingers and ten toes then I am good with that.
I joined a rock band. He joined a rock band.
I did not join the officer corps training. He did not join the officer corps training.
I will not say that he copied me but after years passed.
I joined the banking industry. He joined the banking industry.
I joined the telecommunications industry. He joined the telecommunications industry.
Purely, coincidental I guess..
He joined Accenture then. I joined Accenture then.
Other than those, we have nothing in common.
He is outgoing and I am reclusive.
Being reclusive that I am, people think that I am the youngest. And, people are surprised that I actually exist. I jokingly told my other brother that they hid me all those times.
Amusingly, I became the other brother.
And yeah, I get, "Oh, the writer!" a lot nowadays.

Embed from Getty I…

Harold: About an abused boy

Will I be okay?
Harold's eyes began to well up with tears and flowed down his cheeks.
Of course, God made sure of it. 
Harold wiped away his tears with his grey sweater and asked the young girl talking to him, who are you?
I am from the future.
I am Mary, your future granddaughter.
At 17 years old, Harold found himself in a hospital after a meltdown.
Will I be okay?
Yes, you will be.
Harold rubbed his eyes and stared at the lovely woman in front of him and asked, who are you?
I'm from the future.
My name is Dianne, your future wife.

Then, at 32 years old, Harold found himself walking out of a mental hospital after the Doctor's approval.
Will I be okay?
He saw a six year old boy who held his hand as he was walking towards the car where his brother was waiting, and asking the young boy, who are you?
Pops, I'm from the future, I am your seventh son.
Harold felt reassured. It was like he was looking at a mirror. The way he were when he was at the same age. What is your name?
Well, you …

A City Hermit's Diary: Regarding Pianos

My paternal grandparents' bungalow had an upright grand piano. My maternal grandparents' house had a regular piano.
That piano on the picture is still alive and playing beautiful music until now. It is our piano at our manor.
My late mother was a pianist and she taught my father how to play the piano. And, all 14 of us, she taught the basics of how to play piano music.
I covered two piano books. I should have a substantial repertoire but there are only two pieces I can play now. Most of them escaped my memory.
I like “La comparsa” and “Malagueña” by Ernesto Lecuona, pieces by Claude Debussy and Ira Gershwin. 
Thanks to YouTube, I do not have to wait for my siblings to arrive and play those pieces. 

I have them as background music while I write.
My day is not complete without listening to piano music...

My brother, Pons Carpio, playing a classic on piano.

A Minimalist Style: How I present myself

I follow two Men's Style YouTubers, Mr. Antonio Centeno and Mr. Jose Zuniga.
Now, I know that I have a cool skin tone. I watched a video how to know so, I had to place my forearm beside a white piece of paper and take a photo of it. The result: my skin showed a pinkish shade.
Because of that, I know the colors that best work for me. Colors like green, yellow, brown, blue, white, black, and other pastel colors like pink and orange, but, I do not like those colors though, so, I do not like to wear those shades.
The best metal tone for me is silver.
The only accessory I wear is a wristwatch.
I wear a string necklace, but it is a religious necklace, so, it is not really an accessory.
The color of the belt and the shoes has to match.
I do not like to wear shirts with word prints. That is more European than American or Asian.
Why? When you have your photos taken, people will try to make sense of the sentence on your shirt, and almost always, it is not fully taken by the camera.
So, I go for soli…

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